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Vaccination status – when your medical information is private and when it’s not
  In the US, some National Basketball Association (NBA) players have recently asserted their right to privacy over their COVID vaccination s...
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Health and safety in the spotlight as South Africa’s miners go back to work
  South Africa was put under strict social and economic lockdown on 26 March. By the end of April the government announced that it was easin...
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A new meningitis screening test could help cut South Africa’s HIV/AIDS deathtoll
  South Africa has launched the world’s largest national screening programme to detect cryptococcal meningitis – an AIDS-defining fungal opp...
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Strategic direction around South Africa’s health policy has deteriorated to almost nothing
  Health did not get significant attention in South African President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation address. The main points he mentioned...
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Head of UNAIDS unpacks the knock-on effects of COVID-19. And what needs to be done
  The COVID-19 pandemic has deepened global inequities. The world’s poor have borne the brunt of national lockdowns and will struggle to rec...
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High-priced specialty drugs: Exposing the flaws in the system
  My husband, Andy, has Parkinson’s disease. A year ago, his neurologist recommended a new pill that he was to take at bedtime. We quickly l...
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The first human case of Marburg virus in West Africa is no surprise: here’s why
  The first case of fatal Marburg virus disease was identified in Guinea, West Africa on 9 August 2021. Marburg is a highly infectious zoono...
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