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What to Know About Herpes and Pregnancy
Heidi 28 November 2021
  Herpes infections are common in the sexually active population, and pregnancy with herpes is also common. Most of the time, herpes during ...
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An Overview of Male Anorgasmia
Heidi 27 November 2021
Male anorgasmia is the persistent inability of a man to have an orgasm, even after sexual stimulation. Anorgasmia, or Coughlan's syndrom...
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What Is Swimmer's Shoulder?
Heidi 26 November 2021
  Swimmer's shoulder is a common orthopedic injury in people who swim. It is caused by abnormal rubbing and pinching of the structures i...
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Laura Dern Is Asking You (Nicely) to Quit Vaping
Heidi 18 November 2021
Growing up in the movie industry, Laura Dern watched friends and family battle nicotine addiction from a young age. “Crews famously were cig...
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Is Falling Asleep Too Fast a Sign of a Sleep Disorder?
Heidi 17 November 2021
  If you can nod off quickly, sleep deeply, nap anytime, or fall asleep anywhere, you may consider yourself the perfect sleeper. But being a...
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The Intergenerational Impact of Racism on Health
Heidi 16 November 2021
  Despite important technological advances that have contributed to an increase in life expectancy, there remain stark racial differences in...
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How Diarrhea Is Treated
Heidi 15 November 2021
  Diarrhea is a common condition characterized by extremely loose stools. It's hardly a pleasant experience but as a health issue, it us...
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