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A British doctor warns of the third wave of Corona ... and confirms: The elderly need care

A senior critical care physician in Britain has warned of a third wave of Coronavirus that it may be "inevitable", and according to the BBC, Dr. Richard Pugh, president of the Welsh Intensive Care Society, said that the timing and peak of the wave will depend on how restrictions are eased, Adding that the critical care personnel were still suffering from stress and the last thing they wanted was another spike in cases.

The British government said its approach is to "ease restrictions with gradual steps" when it is safe to do so. The British doctor called for the lockdown to be eased, saying: I think a third wave will inevitably come, and given critical care, the average age of the people who come to Critical care as a result of Coronavirus in his late 50s.

The third wave started in Germany and Italy

With the start of a rise in cases in Germany again, according to the report of the "dw" website, the head of the German Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases, the chief disease control expert in the country, said that the third wave had already begun.

Also, local media reported that the Italian government is considering tightening more restrictions on movement in order to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, and some new measures include the application of stricter rules on movement in areas where the infection rate for a period of 7 days is 250 people per 100,000 people, and the number was Cases as a whole are 195 at the end of February.

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