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A young man was killed in Australia due to a Qandil bite in the first accident of its kind in 15 years ... know the details

A young man died off the coast of Queensland city in what is believed to be the first death in Australia from a jellyfish sting in 15 years, according to the British newspaper Metro website.

Health officials said the suspected sting occurred when the 17-year-old was swimming at the edge of Cape York, in the far north of the country, on February 22.

The report stated, that the boy was transported by air to the hospital where he died a week later, according to the police, as the Australian jellyfish, called Chironex fleckeri, is known for being among the most poisonous organisms in the world, explaining that the jellyfish venom can cause the contraction of the heart muscle, It is very dangerous but many people who have been stung survive.

The report also stated that jellyfish are mainly found in the tropical northern waters of Australia, where swimmers are warned to stay away from the ocean or wear full-body protective clothing, which is especially recommended during the summer, which can last from October to almost May, as the jellyfish persist in abundance. In those times.

 Marine biologist Lisa Ann Gershwin said that this was the first recorded death of a jellyfish in Australia since 2006, and as she told ABC Public Radio, she continued: “As a country we need to do a better job, there are extension programs and nets and protective clothing and there are all these things that we use. In the most populated areas. "

Gershwin said the deaths could have been avoided, but people who lived far from cities were more at risk, and reports say the 79th death from jellyfish has been reported since Australia began keeping records in the late nineteenth century.

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