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An American study: Tweets about Corona are more dangerous than the virus

A research study by Northwestern University of America revealed that the general attitude towards the Corona virus and its treatments is more dangerous than the disease itself, by using artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze tweets about the virus, as researchers studied the effect of tweets on the social networking site "Twitter" about health beliefs about Corona virus in addition to The competing influence of scientific evidence about the virus.

The main results of the study

The study showed, according to a report by the scientific journal Neuroscience, that people's biases are magnified when they read tweets about the Corona virus from other users, and the more times they retweet them, the more they tend to believe and retweet them themselves.

Scientific events, such as scholarly publications, and non-scientific events, such as speeches by politicians, equally influence health belief trends on social media.

"In the epidemic, social media has contributed a lot of information and misinformation and the public's bias towards disease, treatment and politics," said study author Yuan Lu, chief artificial intelligence officer at the Institute of Enhanced Intelligence in Medicine at Northwestern University Feinberg.

Luo added: "Our study helps people realize and rethink the personal decisions they make when facing an epidemic. The study sends an alert to the public that the information they encounter daily may be true or false, and directs them to choose information supported by strong scientific evidence, and the study was recently published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research." .

How are people's attitudes towards Corona affected by tweets?

Lu said, "As a regular person, you should be aware of what you are retweeting and verify the facts first and be aware that whatever you see on Twitter constitutes your position. You must be aware of this before you allow others' tweets and opinions to shape your views and become part of This is a loudspeaker. "

The researchers emphasized that many people do not realize the extent to which their beliefs are affected by the tweets, and they do not bother to verify what they read and retweet. When the information is biased, they ignore it or do not notice it.

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