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Boris Johnson condemns the "kill the bill" demonstrations ... and describes them as "disgraceful"

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson condemned the scenes of violence in Bristol, describing them as "disgraceful", after a protest against a new police bill Friday night that led to clashes between protesters and police.

The protest was against the Police, Crime, Rulings and Courts bill, which would give the police greater powers to restrict protests, according to the Guardian newspaper.

Ten people were arrested after violence broke out between demonstrators and police in Bristol again on Friday night, as more than a thousand demonstrators gathered to participate in a third demonstration entitled "Kill the Bill" within a week.

The arrests were for crimes, including violent disturbances, assault on the emergency worker and possession of first-class drugs, and three of the detainees were arrested in connection with the protests at the end of last week.

Dozens of people participated in a skirmish with the police, as officers wearing helmets and carrying shields moved to disperse the crowd after 10 pm, based on orders for the crowd to disperse under "a violation of Corona Law."

A number of demonstrators threw bottles in response and chanted: "Shame on you." Police used dogs, horses, vans and a helicopter to bring crowds back into the city center in an operation that lasted until 1 a.m., and some people were treated for the effects of pepper spray.

Supervisor Mark Ronacris said, "Most of the people acted peacefully but there was a minority that once again showed hostility to the officers ... Items, including bottles and bricks, were thrown at the officers, fireworks were set off in our horse section while one of our horses was also covered in paint." .

He added, "This violent behavior is unacceptable. The officers repeatedly encouraged people to disperse, but once the atmosphere changed and people became physical, it was necessary to take action."

More than a thousand people gathered in the city center earlier in the evening to protest against the Police and Crime Act, sentencing and government courts, and the Friday Bristol protest was one of 13 planned in towns and cities in England over the weekend.