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CDC: Relaxing Social Distancing Guidelines for Schoolchildren in America

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said school students can sit two meters apart in classrooms instead of 4 meters, and in updated instructions according to the dailymail report, the Federal Health Agency said elementary school students can sit close together. Some, as long as everyone wears masks, regardless of whether the transmission of the Coronavirus is low, medium or high.

And for middle and high schools, pupils can also sit apart from each other with the use of a mask, but only in areas where the spread of coronavirus is low or moderate.

In areas with a high transmission rate, teens should be seated at least 6 feet apart if they cannot congregate - that is, when groups of students are kept together throughout the day to reduce spread.

The CDC wrote in its updated guidelines: “This recommendation is because the dynamics of transmission of the Coronavirus are different in older students - that is, they are more likely to be exposed to and spread the Coronavirus than younger children.” However, adults still have to be. 6 feet away from each other and from students.

The amendment could lead to some schools abandoning distance learning altogether and helping them return to the personal classroom.

"The Centers for Disease Control is committed to updating our guidance as new evidence emerges," CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Wallinsky said in a statement. These updated recommendations provide an evidence-based roadmap to help schools reopen safely and stay open.

The new directives come after a new study found that there was no difference in the rates of corona case in areas where pupils were sitting further away in the classroom compared to those where children were sitting close to each other.

The Harvard-led team looked at 251 Massachusetts school districts open to personalized learning in fall 2020.

In those districts, there are 37,336 students attending classes and 99,390 teachers and other faculty, and between September 30 and January 7, there were students in 194 districts sitting at least six feet apart and 49 had three feet between desks.

Then, the team compared rates of corona infection between regions during the fall of the school semester, and the researchers did not find a `` big difference '' in the rates of infection with the Corona virus for children or adults who sit six feet or three feet away when wearing a general mask is in place.

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