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Enterprise development: handicrafts are our priority and 60% of the "bazaar" exhibitors are taking part for the first time

Nevin Jameh, Minister of Trade and Industry and CEO of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority, expressed the happiness of the owners of the enterprises participating in the Bazaar exhibition, with the generous visit of Mrs. Intisar Al-Sisi, the wife of the President of the Republic, to the exhibition, which confirms the state's continuous support for its children working in the small and micro enterprises sector Especially the handicrafts and traditional arts projects, encouraging them to continue, increasing production, developing it, and transferring their expertise and artistic creativity to future generations to preserve these unique and distinguished industries that have no parallel in the world and that contribute to clarifying the Egyptian cultural identity and our ancient history.


She indicated during her visit yesterday to the Bazaar exhibition, that the agency is keen to continue organizing this type of exhibitions and choosing new and distinguished projects that have not previously participated in the device’s exhibitions to ensure that the largest number of project owners benefit in marketing their products.


She explained that 60% of the project owners in the Bazaar exhibition are participating for the first time, taking into account the selection of the best projects and products in proportion to the high taste and high quality for which the device exhibitions are known for heritage products.


She indicated that the exhibition enjoys great public turnout for the variety of products offered and the different prices to suit all the needs of visitors, stressing that the agency continues to implement the directives of the President of the Republic in providing all means of support for the advancement of the heritage projects sector, which millions work in various governorates, especially Upper Egypt, border and tourism governorates She emphasized that the agency’s offices are open to the owners of these projects to provide the necessary support for their projects (financial, technical, training, or marketing) to ensure their ability to compete, continue and provide more job opportunities.


Nevin Jameh praised the efforts of state institutions and civil society in cooperating with the agency in establishing the bazaar exhibition and providing various services to the industries, handicrafts and heritage sectors.

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