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Government: The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum represents a vehicle for driving economic growth in the region

The Egyptian government confirmed during its opening speech in the work of the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum that the forum represents a driving tool for economic growth in the region and that the last two years have witnessed unremitting efforts to advance its work despite the Corona pandemic, as cooperation and integration have been supported to achieve the success that culminated in the signing of the charter to establish a governmental organization based in Cairo. She pointed to the importance of private sector participation in the natural gas industry, in a way that supports the goals of the forum, noting the importance of working to diversify the energy mix in light of the global call for clean energy and for natural gas to be clean energy and an intermediate fuel to achieve the goals of these calls.


The government indicated that the forum aims to work to achieve the desired benefit for all forum countries to achieve a sustainable gas market and achieve sustainability in economic growth.


She explained that the forum succeeded in attracting the interest of the countries of the world, which was strongly reflected in the desire of a number of countries in the world to join the forum, whether as members or observers, stressing that integration and cooperation is an important necessity to contribute to achieving a strong economy that contributes to achieving a prosperous future for the forum countries.


On the other hand, the ministers of Cyprus, Greece, Israel, Greece, Jordan, Palestine and Italy stressed the importance of the forum, which has become of global weight, and stressed the importance of working to reduce carbon emissions and switch to clean fuels in the future, and that this forum is an important tool for cooperation and joint integration among the member states of the forum to discover More gas reserves in the region and expansion of natural gas uses in many fields.


They explained that the Forum Charter, which was activated, allows for better coordination in order to achieve optimal utilization of the resources of the Forum countries and emphasized that this forum contributes to the continuation of dialogue between gas producers and consumers in the Eastern Mediterranean region and contributes to achieving the vision, exchanging ideas and reaching decisions for the benefit of the peoples of the Forum countries.


The forum attendees expressed their thanks and appreciation to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the Egyptian government for supporting the forum’s work and succeeding in achieving its goals.

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