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Iraqi Military Intelligence arrests a very dangerous terrorist in "Nineveh"

The Military Intelligence Directorate in Iraq managed to arrest a dangerous terrorist in Zammar district in Nineveh Governorate, in the north of the country.

According to Russia Today, a security source said that after receiving accurate intelligence information indicating the presence of a terrorist in Zammar district within the Third Infantry Regiment of the 15th Corps, immediately a force departed, and with a preemptive operation, the terrorist codenamed Abu Karim was arrested.

He added, "The detainee was a fighter in the so-called (Ain Jaloot) terrorist squad, and an arrest warrant was issued against him in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 / terrorism."

The source indicated that the wanted person was handed over to the Zummar Intelligence and Combating Terrorism Division, to take the necessary legal measures against him.