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Iraqi Prime Minister: Thwarting terrorist plans to blow up electricity towers in the country

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi announced that terrorist plans had been foiled to blow up electrical power transmission towers in the country.

Al-Kazemi said - according to Alsumaria News Channel today, Tuesday: “The tragedies of the Shaaban uprising, the marshes and Anbar should be an incentive for us to set out to serve our people,” calling for work to transform the opportunities of pain in the lives of the Iraqi people into an opportunity for hope.

The ministers called for serving the people of all governorates, especially the affected governorates, stressing that the country faces great challenges ... calling on all ministries to support the Ministry of Electricity to carry out its tasks.

He added that the Ministry of Electricity must make an exceptional effort to provide electricity to citizens with the approaching summer and bypass the bureaucratic procedures and efforts that have obstructed many important projects.

He pointed out that there were sabotage attempts to blow up the transmission towers, and a number of them were arrested.

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