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Ismaily tied negatively with Wadi Degla and advanced to 16th in the league

Wadi Degla and Ismaili teams shared match points that they collected at Al-Salam Stadium in the fifteenth week of the General League competition, which ended in a negative tie between the two teams, where the match witnessed a null goal scored by Salah Amin, the Wadi Degla striker in the 32nd minute of the first half, due to The player falls into an offside trap.

With this result, Ismaily raised his score to point 10 in the 16th place, ahead of one place in the league table, and Wadi Degla raised his score to point 9, remaining in the 18th and last place in the table.

The start of the second half came with enthusiasm on the part of the two teams, in an attempt to score the goal of progress, and in the 58th minute, the Dervishes almost scored the first goal after a strong shot, but the left post of Abdel Monsef took over the task of keeping the net of the Tigris Valley clean.

Mario Salas made two substitutions at once to ease the pressure on the Al-Ghazlan team, with Karim Al-Dibis and Mohamed Abdel-Aty descending, at the expense of Mohamed Hilal and Rodney, in the 60th minute of the match.

The Tigris Valley also pushed for its third change by the descent of Rayo and the exit of Khaled Reda, in the 69th minute, which also witnessed two dervishes switching by the descent of the duo Mahmoud Dunga and Ahmed Madbouly, at the expense of Mohamed Adel and Shilongo, to activate the offensive side.

The 76th minute witnessed the loss of one of the most dangerous opportunities for the match in favor of Ismaily, after a distinguished corner kick that the Ismaili players tried to direct towards the net until Abdel Monsef's brilliance prevented that to successfully distance the ball.

Hussein Al-Sayed Dahir Aysar Al-Ismaili managed to clear a dangerous ball from his own goal in the 80th minute, through which the Wadi Degla players were almost alone with the Dervish goal.

Jovic, the Darwish coach, pushed for the third change to the Ismaili by the descent of Ari and the exit of Muhammad al-Shami in the 84th minute in an attempt to activate the attack, before pushing his last changes by the descent of Nader Ramadan and the exit of Fakhreddin bin Youssef in the 86th minute.

The referee counted 3 minutes instead of lost time, before he fired the final whistle in the 94th minute, announcing the end of the match with a goalless draw between the two teams.

The events of the first half were as follows:

The start of the match came with enthusiasm on the part of the Ismaili team, who began to put pressure on the Daglawi team in the first seconds, but without danger to Mohamed Abdel Monsef's goal.

The first quarter of an hour witnessed complete control by the Ismaili team over the course of the meeting and besieging the Tigris Valley in the middle of its stadium, as the Gazelle team relied on counterattacks only, and Mohamed Abdel Monsef, the Tigris goalkeeper, shone in a dangerous ball by Shukri Naguib, the Ismaili striker, who shot it hard on the goal in the minute. 12.

The Tigris Valley woke up in the second quarter of the hour of the half, with some attempts on the Ismaili goal, through Salah Amin, the striker of the Deglawe team, but it passed peacefully on the Dervish goal.

In the 32nd minute, Salah Amin scored the first goal of the match in favor of Wadi Tigris against the Dervishes, but the referee, Ahmed Al-Ghandour, canceled the goal due to Salah Amin's fall in the offside trap.

The two teams continued to exchange grunts in the last quarter of an hour, but without real danger, with the exception of a distinct header shot by Fakhr El Din Bin Youssef, the Dervish player, at the goal of Mohammed Abdel Monsef, who shone in clearing the ball in the 45th minute before it fell into the net, and the referee counted two minutes of time instead of lost before To release the final whistle in the 48th minute, announcing the end of the half with a goalless draw between the two teams.

Wadi Degla had started the match by forming a component of: Mohamed Abdel Monsef in goalkeeping, Khaled Reda, Mahmoud Mari, Ahmed Magdy, Ahmed Saeed, Salah Amin, Mohamed Hilal, Ishaq Yacoubo, Giorgino, Rodney Antwi, Mohamed Reda.

While the Ismaili started the meeting with the formation of a component of: Goalkeeper: Muhammad Majdi, the defense line: Hussein Al-Sayed, Marwan Al-Sahrawi, Muhammad Hashem, Mustafa Fares, the midfield: Imad Hamdi, Muhammad Adel, the offensive line: Muhammad Al-Shami, Shilongo, Fakhr El-Din, Shukri Najib.

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