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Lebanese protesters organize a protest march on the road leading to the Presidential Palace

Lebanese demonstrators organized a protest march on the main road leading to the Baabda Republican Palace, to condemn the deteriorating economic and living conditions in Lebanon, and to demand the resignation of President Michel Aoun, the Speaker of Parliament and the ministers, and the formation of a transitional government to manage the affairs of the country, considering that those in power are the cause of the acute crises that are going through. In Lebanon.

The demonstrators - who represented a number of groups with a predominantly civil society character, most of which were established in the aftermath of the October 17, 2019 uprising - gathered in one of the squares of the Hazmieh area (in the Mount Lebanon Governorate) and then set off on the main road leading to the Baabda Republican Palace, in the midst of a large crowd. Lebanese army forces, officers and elements of the internal security forces (police) and riot control forces.

The demonstrators announced that this protest march will be repeated in a few days, including the residence of Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri, and the residence of Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, noting that one of the main demands of the October 2019 uprising is the removal of the current Lebanese political class with all its elements and symbols and not allowing the regime The one who regenerates himself.

The demonstrators raised Lebanese flags and protest banners denouncing the deterioration of the economic and living conditions and holding the political authority responsible for the collapse of the country, in addition to accusations of those in power of obstructing the country, committing corruption and aggression on public money, abusing power for personal gain and obstructing the formation of a new government from outside the political class.

The protest march did not witness any friction or confrontation with the military or security forces during the movement of the participants in it .. And the Republican Guard, with the support of the army and the police, cut off the road at one of the main junctions and set up a Bushra military-security checkpoint in the main street leading to Baabda Palace and not Enabling protesters to approach or pass it.

One of the women participating in the process of organizing the protest march, upon reaching the farthest point from the road leading to the Republican Palace, read a written statement that she said expresses the demands of the masses of participants, in which she considered that the resignation of the President of the Republic would "remove an obstacle that the revolutionaries face In their battle to reform and straighten the country's political system. "

She added that one of the basic demands of the Lebanese citizens is the formation of a transitional government from outside the ruling political class, provided that it is given exceptional legislative powers in order to enable it to manage the crisis and address the economic situation "caused by the corrupt authority."

She added, "We want a government with free decision and vision capable of developing and approving a financial plan, achieving serious accountability against the corrupt, and conducting financial and criminal audits in all state institutions to uncover the perpetrators of corruption and aggression against public funds, achieving independence of the judiciary, and holding fair and transparent parliamentary elections." And moving away from the mentality of quotas in forming governments. "

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