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Lebanon identifies enterprises exempted to work during the comprehensive lockdown to prevent the spread of Corona

 The Lebanese authorities have issued executive decisions regulating the state of general closure of the country with a curfew from 3 to 6 next April, which clarifies the institutions allowed to work and how to move in light of limited cases, within the framework of the recently agreed upon measures aimed at curbing the spread of the Corona epidemic. .

Last Friday, the Supreme Council for Defense and the Lebanese government took a decision to close the country for a period of 3 days (from 3 to 6 April) during the glorious Easter holiday among the Christian denominations that adopt the Western calendar, in addition to reactivating the work of the plan to completely close the areas that will be classified as They are "epidemic hotspots" to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and prevent its spread.

And the National Operations Room for Disaster Management of the Presidency of the Lebanese government announced, in a statement this evening, that the ban on movement in the streets and roads will start from 5 am Saturday until 5 am on Tuesday, provided that touring during this period is limited to people who have been excluded according to the terms of the activities that are being excluded. It was decided to allow it to practice its work, and for people not covered by the exception, provided they obtain prior permission to move through the online platform designated for this purpose.

The decision included allowing the operation of vegetable, fruit and fish markets, pharmacies, ovens, medical clinics, hospitals, foodstuff stores, retail stores (poultry and meat), petrol stations and laboratories, during the period of total closure, provided that hospitals, mills, ovens, pharmacies and petrol stations are excluded, so that it is allowed Her work around the clock.

The decision allowed restaurants to operate on condition that customers' reception halls be closed, so that their services are limited to delivering food to homes only.

The decision included allowing prayers to be held in places of worship while adhering to preventive measures and measures from the Corona virus and social distancing within 30% of its absorptive capacity, with the worshipers obtaining permission to move from the online platform.

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