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Lung cancer .. "Clubbing of the fingers" may be a sign of the disease

The most common symptoms of lung cancer include a cough that does not go away and is accompanied by blood, as well as a feeling of chest pain, loss of appetite, and the consequence of unexplained weight loss, feeling short of breath, fatigue or weakness, but there are also symptoms that accompany this disease, but it is not common, such as clubbing fingers, according to For what was reported by "express".

 For her part, Amy Hirst, a health information officer at Cancer Research UK, explained that "clubbing fingers" is a less common symptom of certain types of lung cancer, but it may also be a sign of other diseases, as clubbing of the fingers is a change in The shape of the finger or nails and they start to appear swollen, so if you notice any unusual changes in the fingers, nails, or any other part of your body, you should consult your doctor.

According to the UK Department of Cancer Research, there are three successive changes that occur to the fingers that indicate that they will develop clubbing, first when the base of the nail (nail bed) becomes smooth and the skin around it becomes shiny, then the nails curve more than usual when viewed from the side, then Fingers get larger than usual.

The following are ... the causes of lung cancer:

1- Smoking is the most dangerous factor for lung cancer, as smoking represents more than 70% of cases affected by this disease, because tobacco in it contains more than 60 different substances known to be carcinogenic (causing cancer).

2- Passive smoking, as repeated exposure to tobacco smoke from cigarettes can also increase the risk of lung cancer.

It is worth noting that when you notice any symptoms such as feeling short of breath or a persistent cough, you must undergo an examination, and measure the amount of air that you breathe in and out (inhale and exhale), and you may also undergo a blood test in order to rule out any other health problems, usually a chest X-ray. It is the first test to diagnose lung cancer, but it sometimes cannot distinguish between lung cancer or an abscess.

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