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Media: Morocco will not suspend the use of the "AstraZeneca" vaccine

Moroccan media reported, citing government sources, that Morocco decided not to suspend the use of the "AstraZeneca" vaccine against the Coronavirus, due to suspending its use in some European countries.

A member of the scientific and medical committee that follows up the use of the British Swedish "AstraZeneca" vaccines, and the Chinese "Sinopharma" in Morocco, said that the "AstraZeneca" vaccine does not pose a risk, and there is no reason to suspend its use.

He added that the Moroccan Ministry of Health has not recorded any serious cases related to this vaccine since it began to be used in late January.

This comes against the background of suspending the use of the "AstraZeneca" vaccine in several European countries, including Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, after deaths due to vein thrombosis were recorded among people who received the "AstraZeneca" vaccine.

European health authorities are conducting additional tests for the "AstraZeneca" vaccine to ensure its safety, although the link between the use of the vaccine and deaths has not been determined.

It is noteworthy that the vaccination campaign in Morocco has included more than 4 million people, more than 1.7 million of whom received the first and second injections of the vaccine.