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Portland is calling for additional funding for officers months after the police attack over "Floyd"

The mayor of Portland, Oregon, USA, called for nearly $ 2 million in additional funding for the city police force, citing a rise in homicides and other violent crimes.

According to a Fox News report, Mayor Ted Wheeler's request came Friday during his speech on the state of the city - and 3 days after Wheeler was found guilty of one of the city's latest murders, in which a 42-year-old was killed in broad daylight in the city.

"This shooting was rude and horrific ... the city and its partners are working hard to prevent and reduce gun violence," Wheeler wrote on Twitter. "It is a public health crisis that harms our entire community."

Wheeler's funding request marked a shift in Portland, which was seen as a center of calls to dismantle the police as liberal groups sought to divert public funds from traditional police stations and into efforts such as community development, in the wake of the series of violent protests that followed the killing of the American of origin. African George Floyd at the hands of the police.

And last June, city leaders voted to cut $ 16 million from the police budget, a move that included eliminating the armed violence reduction unit, according to the Associated Press.

But Portland, in recent months, has witnessed an escalation in gun violence, as it has witnessed 20 murders since the beginning of 2021, most of them by gunfire, compared to the same time in March of last year, the city witnessed only one murder.

Wheeler reviewed his proposal before Friday's speech during a press conference with Police Chief Chuck Lovell and other city officials, and said that the proposed patrol team would work differently from the armed violence reduction team that was disbanded last year.

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