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Q & C .. What is the Reproduction Factory? How does it contribute to protecting the cultural heritage?

Yesterday, Sunday, Dr. Khaled Al-Anani, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, inaugurated the factory of archaeological reproductions in Obour City, which was established in cooperation with the "Treasures of Egypt for Archaeological Models" company, and below we offer you everything you want to know about which is the first of its kind in Egypt and the Middle East.

Q: What is the goal of the Reproduction Factory?

A: The Reproduction Factory is not a commercial project, but rather aims to introduce the Egyptian industry to the world and contribute to protecting the Egyptian cultural and cultural heritage and protecting the intellectual property rights of Egyptian antiquities.

Q: How will the Reproduction Factory play a role in protecting Egyptian antiquities?

A: Every antique reproduction produced at the factory bears a special stamp for the Supreme Council of Antiquities, and an approved certificate stating that it is a counterfeit piece and a true copy and that it is produced by the Ministry, in addition to the presence of a barcode through which all the information on this piece can be identified in Arabic and English, such as the material Made of them, weight, name and place of display of the original piece, which contribute to protecting the unit's products from counterfeiting and counterfeiting.

Q: What technological means does the Reproduction Factory have?

A: The antique reproduction factory is equipped with the highest technology and the latest specialized machinery, which includes manual and automated production lines for casting metals to produce and raise the efficiency of products from metalwork, a line for wood and carpentry to produce all woodwork, a line for molds for making molds, and the required molds for production lines, sculpture, printing, drawing and coloring Including the production of colored glass and printing of t-shirts, in addition to a showroom for reproductions that are produced.

Q: How will the reproductions contribute to the prosperity of the Egyptian economy?

A: Archaeological reproductions are considered among the important products that are marketed in the tourism sector, reflecting the importance of these archaeological models and the world's interest in them and the attempt to acquire them locally and internationally as souvenirs, and the production of copies with an Egyptian industry was the request of many tourists, and they will also be valuable souvenirs that have a stamp The Egyptian state, which could be presented by Egyptians abroad as gifts outside Egypt, and these copies will be made available to hotels and various tourist bazaars at special prices, and that the factory can also manufacture for others in other museums in the world due to the efficiency of the Egyptian workforce.

Q: When will the factory's first outlet be opened?

A: The first official outlet for these reproductions will be opened in the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization as of April 4, after the museum’s official opening and reception of the royal mummies procession, and official sales outlets for these reproductions will be available in all governorates, museums and markets in the near future, in a way that contributes to encouraging the Egyptian industry. Some products will also be exported outside Egypt, in addition to their participation in foreign tourism exhibitions.

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