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Real Estate tops the ranking of the most traded sectors on the stock exchange, with EGP 1.1 billion

The real estate sector topped the ranking of sectors traded on the Egyptian Stock Exchange in terms of trading value during the sessions of the week ended, after recording a volume of 615.9 million papers worth 1.1 billion pounds, and the non-banking financial services sector was the second sector that witnessed activity, with a circulation volume of 1.3 billion papers. , With a value of 1.03 billion pounds, while the textile and durable goods sector ranked third with a circulation volume of 258.1 million papers worth 735.5 million pounds, followed by the food, beverage and tobacco sector with a circulation of 69.1 million papers worth 503.6 million pounds, then the tourism and entertainment sector with a circulation volume of 257.3 million A paper worth 397.4 million pounds.


In sixth place, the banking sector came with a circulation volume of 11.2 million executed papers worth 384.2 million pounds, then the health care and medicine sector with a circulation volume of 125.6 million executed papers worth 360 million pounds, then the basic resources sector with a circulation volume of 46.3 million executed papers worth 353.2 million EGP, then the communications, media and information technology sector, with a circulation of 20.9 million executed papers worth 334.6 million pounds, then the contracting and engineering construction sector with a circulation volume of 152.9 million executed papers worth 222.1 million pounds.


The transport, freight and utilities services sectors were resolved in the last two places, respectively, with the first volume of 12.7 million executed papers worth 23.5 million pounds, and the second with a circulation of 636.4 thousand papers valued at 23.3 million pounds.


The Egyptian Stock Exchange, a leading market in the region, is registered with a number of individual investors, financial institutions and investment funds, and the registration helps to provide many advantages, including the necessary financing to help industrial, commercial and service entities to sustainable growth and diversify the sources of financing available to them.


The offering on the stock exchange contributes to expanding the ownership base for companies, improving the performance of companies, enhancing the principles of transparency and governance systems in them and diversifying their resources. The offering aims to develop, develop and revitalize the flow of capital and trading on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, and raise the market capital to be more attractive to investors.