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World sleep day .. Drinks to stay away from at night, including coffee and water

Today, March 19 corresponds to the International Day of Sleep, as it is important to get enough sleep every night, not less than 8 hours, in order to maintain a healthy life free from diseases, especially since there are many diseases associated with lack of sleep and insomnia, such as heart disease Sugar and others.

There are many reasons that may push us to an irregular sleep cycle or sleep for fewer hours at night, perhaps because of life pressures and adopting an unhealthy lifestyle such as eating foods and drinks that cause insomnia and others, but nevertheless some drinks play a role in sleep.

Here are ... drinks that affect sleep for regular hours or cause insomnia, according to Webmd

1- Coffee

One study found that consuming coffee before bedtime causes insomnia because it contains caffeine, so it is advised not to drink it right before bed so that our sleep cycle is not affected.

2- Water

Drinking too much water may lead to frequent going to the bathroom at night, which affects the sleep cycle due to anxiety more than once.

3- Soft drinks

Soft drinks are rich in caffeine and sugar, which negatively affects the sleep cycle and may lead to insomnia, as some studies indicate that high intake of sugars affects their sleep cycle, especially at night.

4- Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks are known to increase the need to urinate, especially at night, and may also cause breathing problems.

On the other hand, there are some beneficial drinks that are preferred to be consumed before bed for the sake of rest and relaxation, such as warm milk right before bed, next to mint, which in turn calms the digestive system at night and then sleep well, as well as anise, which helps relax the muscles of the body, which leads to sleep well As well as ginger drink, which in turn gets rid of insomnia.