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"Youth and Sports" announces the preliminary results of the elections for the Youth Parliament in 5 governorates

The Higher Committee for Egyptian Youth Parliament Elections at the Ministry of Youth and Sports, headed by Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, announced a short while ago, the initial result of the run-off phase of the Youth Parliament elections "electronically" under the slogan "Be a leader .... Be influential" in 5 governorates, namely: "Al-Gharbia and Al-Sharqiya" Qalyoubia, Dakahlia and Beni Suef, "via the official website, Egypt Youth and Sports Portal.

The committee’s statement indicated the participation of (903) representatives of the Youth Parliament in the youth centers in the elections, with a participation rate of 29% of the total voting bloc (3152).


The replay seats include (71) seats, of which (32) are for the individual system and (39) for the list system.


The Supreme Committee also announced the opening of the door for appeals against the results tomorrow, Tuesday, March 30, 2021, starting from ten in the morning until twelve in the evening, and the decision on appeals will take place from Wednesday, March 31 until Sunday, April 4, announcing the final result on Monday, April 5 Next, according to the timetables and rules governing the conduct of the electoral process for the run-off phase.


It should be noted that the electoral process in all governorates is conducted in its individual and list systems, as the number of individual seats is (270), while the list seats are (298), and a percentage not exceeding 5% will be appointed by the Minister of Youth and Sports, taking into account the representation of girls, people with disabilities and Copts, The legislative term consists of two sessions (two years), provided that the term of session is one year.


The Supreme Committee also developed electoral symbols of a special character, characterized by strengthening the national identity and spreading awareness of the national projects for the candidates (individual or list). Seats were distributed according to the voting mass of the participants in each governorate, with a total of (568) seats.