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Can protein derived from tuna improve immunity against corona virus?

A recent study, published in the Journal of Food Chemistry, drew attention to the need to find nutritional supplements with potential effects to inhibit the activity of the Corona virus.

The study said that as a dietary supplement, a protein derived from tuna fish called "peptide" may be useful for improving immunity against the Corona virus, as many previous studies have indicated peptides as potential therapeutic agents (such as anti-HIV-C), and due to this Mainly due to the selectivity of these substances, their specificities, low levels of side effects, and their predictable metabolism.

The researchers evaluated the peptides' binding capabilities to the enzyme ACE2 that the virus uses to enter cells, and expected that the peptides with high affinity with the two enzymes would have some potential inhibition of the Coronavirus.

The researchers identified peptides derived from tuna for study, which can be used as nutritional supplements and also have potential inhibition of the activity of the Corona virus, especially those types that contain a high content of dietary components, to inhibit the receptor for the ACE 2.

The aim of this study was to identify new peptides for COVID-19 patients from tuna protein as nutritional supplements, and the researchers found that the tuna E-M peptide is a potential candidate for a "corona virus" inhibitor, as they found that it could prevent corona virus binding to host cells.