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International Organization for Migration: More than a million people have been displaced by the conflict in northern Ethiopia

International Organization for Migration spokesman Paul Dillon said that more than a million people have been displaced through 178 sites that can be reached in the Ethiopian Tigray region as well as the neighboring (Afar and Amhara) regions.


The spokesman added - at a press conference in Geneva today, Friday - that according to an evaluation conducted by the organization, which is the fourth of its kind in the region and was conducted during the period from 2 to 23 March, it revealed the presence of more than one million internally displaced people in the Tigray region and about 45,343 others in the Afar region, and 18 thousand And 781 in the Amhara region, and he pointed out that the displaced are fleeing to towns and cities to seek humanitarian assistance and access to basic services.


The spokesman affirmed that many parts of the northwest, central, eastern and southern regions of Tigray are still out of reach of humanitarian partners due to the continuing insecurity, and explained that according to the figures, the highest concentration of internally displaced persons is in Shire, where 445 thousand and 309 displaced persons are staying in collective shelters. The schools are overcrowded, including in the host community and in open spaces, with the majority of them from the western and northwestern regions of Tigray.


He pointed out that other urban areas with high concentrations of displacement included Al-Adwa 129,524 displaced persons, and Mekele 126,267 displaced persons, in addition to Adigrat and Aksum, and confirmed that about 75 IDP sites have not received food distribution since the outbreak of the conflict, and 60 of these sites are located, i.e. about 80% of it is located in the Tigray region.