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Mahdi Suleiman officially complains Pyramids to the Football Association

Mahdi Suleiman, goalkeeper of the first football team at Pyramids Club, submitted an official complaint to the Egyptian Football Association, against his club, after he was excluded from participating in group training during the last period, against the background of the crises that arose between the goalkeeper and Pyramids officials.

Al-Mahdi Suleiman sent an official complaint to the Football Association's management against the Pyramids Club, claiming that he was banned from participating with the team in group training, which contravenes the terms of the contract between the two parties.

The Pyramids goalkeeper has previously stated that the relationship with his club has reached a dead end, especially after he was excluded from participating and relying on Sherif Ikrami, which angered the goalkeeper and prompted him to make fiery statements.

Al-Mahdi Suleiman became a candidate to support Al-Ahly's Areen’s guarding next season, in light of the desire of the Planning Committee at the Red Castle to sign a new goalkeeper, and Pitso Musimani, the technical director, approached the need to find a strong alternative to Mohamed El-Shennawi, the main goalkeeper.

Mahdi Suleiman entered the circle of Al-Ahly's interests to be among the names of candidates to support his lair in the new season, if Musimani agreed to include a new goalkeeper, given that the final decision to include a goalkeeper depends on the decision of the South African coach.

The agent of Mahdi Suleiman's business takes advantage of the player's crisis in marketing him and searching for a new club and tries to test the pulse of Al-Ahly officials regarding the inclusion of the player, but the idea of ​​the guard’s association with an extended contract with Pyramids may keep Red Castle officials from contracting with the Mahdi.