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Miran took advantage of Corona's period to master the art of resin ... instead of making a cake, I made art

The formation of a home and a family was not an obstacle to her innovative hobby, Miran Muhammad, 33, was able to renew her passion for art, especially when she is a graduate of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Minia University, and she found in the art of designing rizin her goal, as she started it about a year ago, and added some beautiful touches to it. By adding pearls and gem stones that decorated the resin, regardless of its design.

Miran told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that despite being a mother of two children, motherhood is often an incentive for her to make a better effort to be proud of herself and abilities, and she continued: “I showed pictures of artworks that impressed me on social media, and from here I began to turn on this type of art. And I get to know him more, "and added:" The ban period started with Corona, I search more on YouTube, and I used to spend long hours in front of videos of Arab and foreign people, and with each video I would acquire information and record it or the name of a material or color. "

She added, "My family and friends encourage me, the first of which is my husband who supported me financially and morally, despite the high cost of the raw material, meaning you can say I taught myself and I have very many ideas that I want to present." Solid material in a certain percentage, and these percentages differ from each design to the other.

She continued about the difficulties encountered in the implementation, saying: "I need a place where there is very good ventilation, and this was the most difficult thing for me because I work in my home, and because it has a negative impact on the respiratory system of the person who works with resin, so you will have to wear a mask with certain specifications in order to complete the job." .

Miran's designs were not stopped from the works of Al-Razin on pots and plates, but rather she took a special path to form some collectibles that are used in decoration, and she added some quartz stones, crystal and reflective glass to them.

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