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Not only the lungs ... How does the Corona virus affect other parts of your body?

In light of the increasing incidence of Coronavirus during the third wave of the virus, and since the beginning of the Corona epidemic until now, evidence indicated that the Corona virus affects other parts of the body, and does not affect the lungs only, according to the "Times of India" website, and in this report we learn about How corona virus affects other parts of your body.

Corona virus is a respiratory virus mainly, as it enters and infects the respiratory tracts, which causes coughing and shortness of breath, and can also lead to serious damage to the health of your lungs and the deadly virus infects your body by entering healthy cells and reproduction, which causes inflammatory changes in the lungs and negatively affects Lung tissue and cysts.

However, in addition to the wide range of lung infections, the new Corona virus can affect other parts of the body as well.

The effect of the Corona virus on parts of your body other than the lungs

With the progression of the Corona virus in the body, experts and doctors believe that it causes severe infections in different parts of the body, which weakens the immune system. Moreover, if a person suffers from pre-existing medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or he suffers from obesity, it may The damage is greater. It is important not only to monitor all symptoms, but it is also important to keep track of all the changes that you experience in your body.

1- Impact on heart health

While factors such as pre-existing heart disease and poor metabolic health increase the risk of developing corona in people, the Corona virus can cause significant inflammation of the heart muscles in Corona patients.

According to Harvard Health publications, heart injury, which can be measured by elevated levels of the enzyme troponin in the bloodstream, was discovered in about a quarter of patients who were hospitalized with acute corona.

However, symptoms such as an abnormal heart rate, palpitations, chest pain and chronic fatigue often appear in people with Coronavirus infection.

2- Nerve damage

According to previous reports, Corona patients often complained of symptoms such as mental confusion, headache, hallucinations, dizziness and blurred vision.

A study published in JAMA Neurology also found that a third of patients hospitalized in Wuhan had neurological symptoms, with seizures and strokes being the most serious complications.

Studies have also claimed that Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease may have some long-term effects of the Corona virus.

3- Corona also causes severe kidney damage

Among other medical complications, impaired kidney function is also one of the increasing problems in patients with or recovering from Corona, as corona infects cells, viral spinal proteins attach to ACE2 receptors (the receptor for the Corona virus that allows it to infect cells) found in the cellular membranes of cells lining many organs , Including the kidneys.

Once inside the kidney cells, the virus can cause severe infections and cause serious injury to healthy kidney tissues.

This can cause decreased urine production and decreased urination and can also lead to significant kidney dysfunction after Corona.

4- Blood clots

Covid-19 disease can cause severe infections in the body, causing blood clots to form.

While the reason behind corona causing blood clots is still being studied, experts believe that the Corona virus, once it attaches to ACE2 receptors, pushes blood vessels to produce proteins that lead to blood clotting.