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The Arab League calls on the international community to confront the crimes of the occupation in Jerusalem

The League of Arab States called on the international community to stand up to its responsibilities and work to put an immediate end to the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people and the city of Jerusalem and to address the crimes of uprooting and forcible transfer in a swift and decisive manner, and to ensure international protection for the Palestinian people on the path to ending this occupation.


The Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League for Palestine and the Occupied Arab Territories, Dr. Saeed Abu Ali, said in his speech before the 103rd session of the Committee for Educational Programs aimed at Arab students in the occupied Arab territories, which met, today, Tuesday, via video conference, headed by the Director General of Educational Supervision and Rehabilitation At the Palestinian Ministry of Education, Ayoub Alayyan, our meeting today comes in conjunction with the extremely difficult conditions that the Palestinian people are going through as a result of the systematic Israeli attacks in all the occupied Palestinian territories, especially in the occupied city of Jerusalem, which these days is witnessing an escalation in the implementation of various crimes, including Judaization, settlement, displacement and uprooting. Forced and ethnic cleansing, which is added to the settlers' crimes against the people of Jerusalem and the holy sites with the protection of the occupation army and police, to take on a new dimension in what Jerusalem is exposed to.


In his speech, Abu Ali clarified that the Israeli policies and measures accompanying that to prevent Jerusalem from participating in the national elections, and the forced displacement and uprooting of the Jerusalemites in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, in a new crime committed by the occupation of war crimes and ethnic cleansing, which requires a decisive international position. As a deterrent to the occupation, which continues with its policies and plans to violate the system of international law and legitimacy and disdain the will of the international community, and to continue the policies of deepening the occupation, settlement and Judaization, and denying the most basic rights of the Palestinian people, and destroying all possibilities for peace, which are the Israeli policies and practices that the Palestinian people and their leadership confront with insistence on adhering to With the rights and extracting them, moving forward in defending them, and developing the elements and foundations of steadfastness and the Palestinian struggle to achieve independence.


He expressed his deep appreciation and pride in the struggle and steadfastness of the people of Palestine, and for the achievements made by Jerusalemites in the face of the recent Israeli measures in Bab al-Amoud in Jerusalem.


The Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab League said that the educational process in Palestine has been greatly affected by the Corona pandemic, in addition to what it is already suffering in light of the occupation authorities' continued targeting of educational facilities throughout the occupied Palestinian territories, especially areas (C), especially the Jordan Valley areas, or in the Old City. In the cities of Hebron and Jerusalem, the policy of tightening the siege on the Gaza Strip continues for the fourteenth year in a row, and Israel continues to target the Palestinian curricula in Jerusalem and deletes everything related to the Palestinian identity.


He explained that these Israeli practices and violations, despite their seriousness and the effects that they constitute in violation of the rights of the Palestinian people and their causes, constituted an incentive to multiply the causes of steadfastness and the Palestinian insistence on developing, fortifying and protecting the educational process, in order to achieve more successes and achievements.


The Assistant Secretary-General concluded his speech with confidence that the work of the committee will contribute effectively to confronting the attempts to destroy the educational process practiced by Israel towards the Palestinian people, and it will also contribute to providing the necessary support by keeping pace with the technical and methodological developments in the educational process, including the challenges of distance education. For the educational process in Palestine, in a way that contributes to ensuring the continued progress of the educational process, improving the quality of education for our Palestinian children, and ensuring the quality of educational attainment so that the Palestinian educational experience continues to distinguish it and its role in building the human being, the homeland, and the independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital, so that they can build their free and independent state.


A number of representatives of the Arab countries hosting the children of refugees participated in the virtual meeting, which offer educational programs directed to them, namely, Egypt, Palestine, and Jordan, the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science "ALECSO", the Organization of the Islamic World for Education, Science and Culture "ISESCO", and the United Nations Relief and Works Agency. Palestinian refugees in the Near East "UNRWA", the Arab Broadcasting Union, Palestine Radio in the Voice of the Arabs network, and the Palestine Sector in the Arab League. The committee will submit its recommendations to the next meeting of the conference of supervisors of Palestinian refugee affairs.