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The death toll from the Ibn al-Khatib hospital fire in Baghdad has risen to 82, and the government declares mourning

 Today, Sunday, the Iraqi Ministry of Interior announced the death of 82 people and the injury of 110 in the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital fire accident, while the Presidency of the Council of Representatives called for members of the Council to hold a session tomorrow, Monday, and the agenda includes discussion of the tragic accident at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital.

The Iraqi News Agency quoted the statement of the Ministry of the Interior, that investigations are continuing into the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital accident, while it ruled out the existence of a criminal suspicion of the accident, and the Director of Relations and Media of the Ministry of Interior, Major General Saad Ma, said that "investigations into the Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital incident are continuing and are awaiting their results," indicating that "" Technical and criminal investigations are underway to find out the circumstances of the accident. "

He added that "the prime minister has clearly directed the results of the investigation and its outcome to hold accountable those who are negligent," noting that "civil defense visits are continuing to ascertain the points of imbalance in the procedures related to safety requirements and firefighting systems." To "We do not want to anticipate the events of the investigations."

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi held an emergency meeting with a number of ministers, security leaders and officials at the headquarters of Baghdad Operations Command against the background of the tragic accident in Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital, and directed a declaration of mourning for the souls of the martyrs of the tragic accident.

The Director General of Civil Defense, Major General Kazem Bohan, announced that 90 patients and escorts had been rescued from the fire accident.

The Iraqi News Agency quoted a statement by the Prime Minister, "The tragic accident that occurred tonight at Ibn Al-Khatib Hospital is a painful event. That is why we should have met on the same night and at this late hour to speak clearly with you and our people, and added: Mercy for the souls lost as a result of this painful accident, we instructed." As martyrs, we have also instructed to take care of the wounded at all levels inside and outside Iraq.


And he continued: I say it frankly, the incident is a violation of the Iraqi national security, and it is a setback in every sense of the word, and we must not let such events go unnoticed, and Al-Kazemi clarified that: Such an incident is evidence of a default, so I have directed an immediate investigation and reservation of the director of the hospital and the director of security. Maintenance and all those concerned until reaching the negligent and holding them accountable, and pointed out that: Negligence in such matters is not merely a mistake, but a crime for which all negligent parties must bear the responsibility.

He stressed the need to check the security and preventive measures for all hospitals in Iraq, and the formation of a technical team from all the concerned ministries to ensure that safety measures are audited in all hospitals, hotels and public places within one week and in all parts of Iraq.


He stated that: What complacency we will hold him firmly accountable .. Today, as a result of complacency, innocent martyrs have fallen. Tomorrow if we inaction, others will fall. No one should tell me an electrical short. This is a flawed matter. Examine every wire in every public department or hospital, and which department is protesting. I will hold everyone accountable with the electrical request, and he asked: Where is the army of employees for maintenance? Where are the technicians? Where are the regulatory authorities? Where is the security of hospitals, ministries and public places?

He added, "You have a clear directive ... Each director has to personally go down and check safety measures, and the Ministry of Interior must prepare its specialized teams for this purpose, and I will not allow a civil defense official to appear saying we have sent official letters, go by yourself and check and examine safety and prevention measures, and ask for the results of the investigation into the hospital accident." Within 24 hours and account for the default, whatever it was.