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Warning messages to the Tigris duo after the suspension and fine decision

Wadi Degla officials issued a strong warning to the two team players, Ibrahim Rajab Abdel Moneim, and Massad Awad, the players of the Daglawi team, after they stopped two matches and fined them 20 thousand pounds for each player, due to the incidents of altercation and riots, in the last match between the Tigris and the contractors in the league.

The technical staff of the Tigris team, led by Mario Salas, was keen to meet the players in the first group training session after the Arab Contractors match, and asked them to exercise restraint in the coming period, given the team’s need for the efforts of all the players to get out of the relegation struggle that the Tigris is experiencing at the back of the league, in addition to the continued fortunes The team won the Egypt Cup after reaching the quarter-finals.

Muhammad Abdel Wahid spoke from Abdel Moneim and Massad and warned them against a repetition of what happened in the Mokawloon match in the team’s upcoming meetings, calling on everyone to respect the value and status of the Tigris and not affect the team’s focus on side problems.

The competitions decided to suspend Ibrahim Ragab Abdel Moneim and Massad Awad of Wadi Degla players and Hassan Mohamed Shaheen, the Moukawloon player, for two matches, and a fine of 20 thousand pounds for each of them when they happened after the end of the Mokawloon match and Wadi Degla.

Tigris is waiting for a strong confrontation with Petrojet on April 29 in the quarter-finals, a match in which the players seek to compensate for the modest march in the league competition by reserving a seat in the round of four for the cup competition, and enhancing the chances of winning the championship.