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20 thousand mosques in Saudi Arabia are equipped with sanitary measures to receive worshipers on Eid al-Fitr

The masses of worshipers in 20 mosques, an additional mosque and an open chapel in various regions and governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia performed today the blessed Eid al-Fitr prayer in a faith and spiritual atmosphere. The health protocols approved by the competent authorities to prevent corona virus. According to the SPA news agency.

The mosques and prayer halls in all regions witnessed the regularity and full commitment of the worshipers to the approved health procedures approved by the Ministry in coordination and follow-up with the concerned authorities.

More than 4000 observers and mosques participated in the supervision, organization and follow-up of the implementation of health measures, in addition to the volunteer teams in the Ministry's branches and the societies cooperating with it in organizing the entry and exit of worshipers, while the security services participated in strictly following up the implementation of preventive measures in order to preserve the health and safety of the worshipers.

During the Eid sermon, the preachers talked about the blessing of completing fasting and praying qiyaam and the importance of continuing the righteous deed after Ramadan and benefiting from the fasting school, urging people to adhere to piety, to persevere in the truth and call for it, and to strive for obedience and wills in relation to relatives and kinship.

They clarified the provisions of the Eid, its Sunnah and its virtues, as well as the warning on the importance of adopting precautionary measures on Eid occasions and warning against non-gathering and shaking hands.