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A collective increase in the stock market indices at the weekend session ... and the capital wins 3.6 billion pounds

The Egyptian Stock Exchange ended the trading session today, Thursday, at the end of the week’s sessions, with a collective increase in the indices, driven by Arab purchases, and the profit of the market capitalization of 3.6 billion pounds, to close at the level of 658.921 billion pounds.


The "EGX 30" index rose by 0.72%, to close at 10588 points, the "EGX 50" index rose by 0.78% to close at 2083 points, and the "EGX 30 index of determinant weights" jumped by 0.71% to close at 12800 points. And the EGX 30 overall return index increased by 0.67% to close at 4125 points.


The index of small and medium-sized companies "EGX 70 is equal weights" increased by 0.34% to close at 2130 points, and the index of "EGX 100 equal weights" rose by 0.43% to close at 3050 points.