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A huge fire in one of the Canary Islands consumes 4 thousand acres of pine forests

The Spanish channel "Canarias 7" said that a huge fire broke out on the island of Tenerife and kills 1,500 hectares of pine forests, "about 4,000 acres," noting that this fire is out of control while it continues more than 170 ground forces and up to 7 aircraft. Work to extinguish it.

The channel indicated on its website that the fire started Thursday, at around 11:30 a.m., in the Chagana Valley in Arequ is still out of control and already affecting more than 1,500 hectares of forest, it climbed towards the tops of the island, and the right side is heading towards Ted National Park. The left is towards the south, and so far the authorities have stated that there is no risk of the fire reaching populated areas.

It should be noted that at the press conference held after the board of directors yesterday, Julio Perez reported that the situation is not positive because in addition to being a hard-to-reach area, it was expected to be from 1am to 4am. The wind will get more intense.

In an effort to control the flames, more than 100 ground forces from different departments worked tonight on fire control tasks, notes CECOES 1-1-2, who tweeted a few minutes ago that Since the first hour of Friday, seven aerial means have been integrated into the device: four helicopters from the Canary Islands government's Emergency and Rescue Group (GES), one from Cabildo de Tenerife, a seaplane from the Air Force and a Civil Guard helicopter coordinating the tasks.

At this time, more than 170 ground soldiers from various departments in the Canary Islands are already working to control the fire.