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Ahmed Samir: I preferred to move to Zamalek over Al-Ahly when leaving the municipality

Ahmed Samir, the former star of Zamalek club, revealed that he preferred to move to Zamalek over Al-Ahly when he received two offers from the Egyptian football poles while he was in the municipality of Mahalla. Samir said in televised statements for the story and game program with Saif Zahir, on the On Time Sports channel, today, “I was in the municipality, and I received two offers from Al-Ahly and Zamalek, but I am Zamalek Kawi since childhood, and I informed Mahmoud al-Shami, the club’s president at the time, to accept the offer of Zamalek even if there was a difference Of the material value of the two shows. "


The former Zamalek star added, "The best coach I have played with is Vingada, but my journey in the dead was a short obstacle, and I hoped it would be long and that my retirement would be in the white club."


Samir confirmed that his experiences after Zamalek, whether in the police or Al-Masry, were successful, explaining that he has a close relationship with Portuguese coach Gisvaldo Ferrera, the former Zamalek coach, by breaking his commitment on the field and implementing the instructions and continuing the relationship after the coach's departure from the dead obstacle.


The former star of Zamalek indicated that he did not regret working in the youth sector in Zamalek after his retirement, explaining that he had a bad luck due to his presence in the generation of the brightest football stars in Egypt, and confirming that the generation who played with him in Zamalek was better than the Al-Ahly generation at the same time.