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Al-Ahly checks the stadium of the Sun Downs match before the last training session in South Africa

Al-Ahly team, accompanied by the technical staff, was keen to inspect the Lucas Moribi stadium in Pretoria before the start of the team's last training on the stadium in preparation for the Sun Downs match, South Africa.

Al-Ahly is training at the Sun Downs match stadium and at the same date of the match according to the Confederation of Confederation of African Football (CAF). Musimani and his auxiliary apparatus inspected the match’s stadium before the start of the press conference for the Sun Downs match.

Al-Ahly will meet Sun Dawes at 3 pm tomorrow, Saturday, Cairo time in the second leg of the African Champions League quarter-finals, noting that the first leg in Cairo last week ended with Al-Ahly winning a clean double.

The Al-Ahly mission conducts a new medical scan on Saturday. In preparation to travel to Qatar to play the African Super Cup match against the Moroccan club, Nahdet Berkane, scheduled for May 28.

The Al-Ahly mission conducted a medical scan for the Sun Downs match, yesterday, Thursday, inside the residence hotel in Pretoria, South Africa, according to the protocol followed before the official matches in the African Champions League. .

Al-Ahly had performed its training yesterday on one of the sub-stadiums at the University of Pretoria, and the training included a technical aspect and my plans, and Pitso Mosimani, the team's technical director, was keen to make a division of the length of the stadium with the participation of two guards to apply the method of play that he would like to implement during the Sun Downs match.