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Ali Abu Greisha: Ismaili fans and other clubs are happy with the performance of the dervishes

Ali Abu Greisha, the former Ismaili club star, expressed his great happiness with the team’s performance, achieving 5 consecutive victories in the second round. Abu Greisha said in statements to the “One Two” program: We saw the joy of the Ismaili fans with the team’s results, and even other clubs all the fans were happy with the performance. The team because it is a big club and it faced a difficult situation.

He added: We used to have crises and a numerical shortage in several centers, but the wrong thing is that we were not studying the needs of the team, but unfortunately in the last period there was no person related to the ball looking for the needs of the team and this is an important aspect and confusion at the beginning of the season led to this suffering.

Wasel: Since we assumed responsibility, we were given all the powers in the team's file, and we used players in positions that needed to be strengthened even though we came 6 days before the registration door closed, and we contracted with Ihab Jalal, who is the son of the club, and things became calm even despite the loss from Ceramica in the first match. Stability led us to victory, but there's still a long way to go.

He concluded: All our thinking is now to end the season in a good position, and we know the problems and players that we need in the coming period, and we hope to complete the club's career so that the team will have another form.

Al-Ismaily will meet the contractors next Wednesday evening at the latter's stadium, within the framework of the 23rd round of the local league competition. The two teams played 71 matches in the local league, the Dervishes won 31, drew 26 and lost 14, he had 83 goals and 58 goals, Clean Sheet 30 games.

Ismaili Stadium .. won 19, drew 14, lost 3, had 45 goals, 19 goals, and Clean Sheet 19 games.

The Arab Contracters Stadium won 12, drew 12 and lost 11, with 38 goals and 39 goals, Clean Sheet 11 games.

And in the local tournaments in general.

The two teams played 82 matches, Ismaily won 38, drew 28 and lost 16, for him 99 goals, 65 goals on Clean Sheet 37 matches.