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All you need to know about the probation period for a new employee in the Civil Service Law?

The Civil Service Law 81 of 2016 and its executive regulations regulated the probation period that a new employee in the state’s administrative apparatus would pass in order to protect the employee and to ensure the greatest benefit to the employer. From the employee and therefore the executive regulations included several points, which we will answer through the following questions: -

 What is the probationary period for an employee in the Civil Service Law?

 It is the period that starts from the first day the employee receives his position in the authority or institution.

 How long is the test period?

 The law defined the first 6 months since the first day as the probationary period

 Is the probationary period considered a period of time that the employee spends only and does not differentiate him in getting the job?

 The new employee must prove his suitability in that period in obtaining the job, as in the event that he does not obtain an appropriate estimate, he will not continue in the position, which is higher than the average during the probation period.

Is the employee allowed during the probationary period to transfer or assignment?

 The law stipulates that a new employee may not be delegated, transferred or loaned during the 6-month probation period.

 Does this apply to those appointed to leadership positions?

 The provisions of the probationary period do not apply to leadership positions such as general manager or department manager.