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An expert reveals the reasons for the unprecedented global interest in the Chinese missile

Satellite expert Dr. Ahmed Farag revealed the reasons for the global interest in the path of the Chinese "Long March 5B" missile, which went out of control and the times of its passage over countries until it fell in the Indian Ocean at 4:24 a.m. Cairo time this morning.

Ahmed Farag said, in a statement to the Middle East News Agency today, that this incident is not the first, since about two and a half months ago there was an incident similar to the American "SpaceX" company and the Falcon brand missile crashed in the Pacific Ocean, but the world did not feel it and did not receive the attention it deserves. The Chinese missile held it for 10 days.

He attributed this to the fact that China, according to the global trend now obliging countries to retrieve space objects after the end of their mission or the end of their life span in space, has tried to retrieve its own missile, after it successfully fulfilled its mission, by launching the first unit from its space station, "CSS". S ".

"But China has lost control of the missile, and because this will result in harm to a party other than China, it is obligated to announce this and inform the world, and controlling the Chinese missile has achieved publicity for the Chinese project to establish an international space station."

He explained that as for similar incidents of the American company SpaceX, they did not spread on an international scale and did not receive the attention that the Chinese "Long March 5B" missile enjoys, because the scope of the explosion and damage was within the territories of the United States or the surrounding waters.

Faraj emphasized that the process of returning any spacecraft to Earth is one of the most difficult operations that all space states try to achieve the best results in through research in this regard, given the presence of gravity that would cause the spacecraft to fall and crash. And he said: "But the atmosphere contains "Many air particles are in contact with the vehicle, which leads to drag and air resistance, which in turn helps the vehicle to reduce the speed of its descent on the ground."

Regarding the position of the Chinese missile, Dr. Ahmed Farag indicated that control of the missile had been lost, about 10 days ago, as a result of a technical error, either by losing the connection between the missile and the ground control station or completely disconnected, and therefore it becomes like a stone in space with a specific and monitored path, but Cannot communicate with him, or give a command from the ground control station.

He explained that in this case, its altitude is reduced until it reaches a height of 120 km, and the missile at that time suffers from severe friction with the atmosphere, so its temperature rises and begins to disintegrate, and the speed increases to reach about 8 km per second.

He added that the more the missile approaches the ground, its speed increases, and it is a mass that weighs about 20 tons, so the altitude of 78 km explodes due to the intensity of pressure and heat, and it keeps burning until a height of 40:50 km, and the missile is seen as a bright body in the sky consisting of several bright pieces.

He continued, "As a result of the explosion, parts of the missile are burned and scattered during its return, and any debris that did not burn upon return is in the form of large masses of weight, which may pose a danger, but not of the physical size, as it is exaggerated, because the greatest possibility is the occurrence of these blocks in water bodies because Its proportion is about two thirds of the Earth's area, which is what happened with its fall in the Indian Ocean. "

On the reasons for China's construction of a new international space station, Dr. Ahmed Farag said that China plans to become a major force in space exploration by 2030, and has strengthened this by visiting the moon and an unmanned probe to Mars.

China has successfully launched the main unit of its ambitious space project, represented in building a permanent space station of its own, "Tian Wang," meaning "Harmony of the Sky," which is the name of the first and most important unit of the Chinese space station scheduled to be completed at the end of next year, he added.

He explained that the flight of the Chinese "Long March 5B" missile began about 10 days ago, carrying the basic unit of the new Chinese space station, and it weighs 21 tons, is 100 feet (30 meters) and 16 feet wide, and orbits the Earth approximately every 90 minutes.

He confirmed that this unit will become the headquarters of a crew of 3 astronauts, which is one of 3 other main units, which will compete with the only currently operating International Space Station, which will be decommissioned in 2025, and NASA is currently studying a range of options, one of which includes the destruction of the International Space Station. Or divide it into several different parts.

He pointed out that the "Long March 5B" missile is one of the largest Chinese missiles launched from the Space Launch Center on the southern island of Hainan, explaining that this mission is one of 10 remaining missions orbiting the Earth at an altitude of (340-450 km), and the remainder The launch of two more units, 4 manned ships, and 4 other ships for transporting trucks.

The Chinese authorities announced today, Sunday, that a large part of a Chinese space missile disintegrated over the Indian Ocean after entering the Earth's atmosphere in a random manner, which puts an end to speculation about the location of the fall of this object, weighing about 20 tons.