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Biden: The time for the jobs plan has come ... and I will not let America fall behind and be preceded by other countries

US President Joe Biden stressed the need to implement the American jobs plan to invest in the future of the United States, stressing that he would not leave his country behind and ahead of other countries, and Biden tweeted on his official account on the "Twitter" website, saying: "I refuse to stand idly by and let America fall behind." As other countries race, it is time for us to invest in our future again. It is time for the US jobs plan.

US President Joe Biden stated that the American jobs plan has created many job opportunities for citizens and achieved many achievements, explaining that the congressional approval to pass the US jobs plan will create millions of well-paid jobs for US citizens.

US President Joe Biden tweeted, on his official account on the "Twitter" site, saying: "Since the beginning of our administration, we have created more than 1.5 million jobs. We have come a long way, but the truth is that we still have more to go, and Congress needs to pass the American jobs plan." That will create millions of well-paying jobs to rebuild the infrastructure of our nation. "

Earlier, the White House stressed the importance of the American jobs plan developed by the administration of US President Joe Biden to provide more jobs for US citizens, and the White House indicated that the jobs plan will provide an atmosphere for the best American minds to achieve more innovation and provide many new jobs.

He posted the official White House account on "Twitter" about the jobs plan, saying: "President Biden's US jobs plan will ensure that the best minds in America create innovations for the future - while creating hundreds of thousands of good jobs."