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Chad .. Security forces fire tear gas to disperse protests against the army’s assumption of power

Chadian security forces fired tear gas to disperse protesters who took to the streets of the capital, N'Djamena, today, Saturday, to protest against the army's takeover of power in the wake of the killing of President Idriss Deby last month.

On Friday, the transitional military government led by Mohamed Idriss Deby, son of the late president, banned the protest called by a coalition of some opposition parties and civil society organizations.

In defiance of the ban, groups of protesters took to the streets, chanting and waving flags, while others carried printed messages denouncing what they described as "property."

Some demonstrators set fire to French flags, in protest against what they said, "France's support for the military transition process in its former colony."

Despite the army’s pledge to organize elections within 18 months, some opposition parties rejected the existence of a transitional government led by the army, describing it as a "coup and a continuation of Déby's rule," which lasted 30 years.