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Completion of 70 projects in the water resources and irrigation sector in Aswan Governorate

The state is making efforts in the governorates of Upper Egypt to witness great developments in all fields to achieve sustainable development in a wide range of economic and social fields, as many mega national projects have been implemented.


70 projects in the water resources and irrigation sector have been completed, at a cost of 955 million pounds, in Aswan Governorate during the years (18/2019-19/2020).


In a recent report, the Ministry of Planning stated that 2 artificial lakes and earthen barriers were established in Wadi Abbadi, and industrial works were established on the main channel and the two guidebooks, as part of the project to complete the Sheikh Zayed canal in the South Valley - Toshka, and replacing and renewing the covered drainage networks in the new Edfu area. (A) And the construction of 50 wells to feed the ends of the canals, in addition to the construction of a diversion channel on the right side of the earth dam at the entrance to the Toshka spillway, as part of projects to protect and support the High Dam and Aswan Reservoir.


The report emphasized that 855 projects have been implemented, with a total investment cost of about LE 7.2 billion, in 7 sectors (education, health, irrigation, housing, electricity, transportation, and local development). In Aswan Governorate, within two years (18/2019- 19/2020).