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Dates for today's matches .. Strong confrontations in the Saudi League and Zamalek against the army

Today, Thursday, 5-20-2021, several matches will be held in various stadiums of the world within the competitions of the current football season, led by Zamalek against Al-Tale'i El-Geish in the 23rd round of the Egyptian League competition, and 3 matches in the Prince Muhammad Bin Salman Cup League.

Dates of the Saudi League matches and carrier channels

Abha X Al Ittihad - 6.15 PM - KSA Sports 2 HD

Unit X Damak - 6.30 pm - KSA Sports 3 HD

Al Nasr X Al Raed - 8 PM - KSA Sports 1 HD

Dates of the Egyptian League matches and carrier channels

Zamalek X Talaea El-Geish - 9 pm

El Gouna X Ghazel El Mahalla - 7 pm

Al-Masry X Al-Ittihad - 9 pm

Dates of the Moroccan League matches and carrier channels

Union Tanga X Fateh Rabat - 6 PM - Arryadia SD / HD

Mouloudia Oujda X Raja Morocco - 8.15 PM - Arryadia SD / HD

FAR x Rise of the Leader - 10.30 PM - Arryadia SD / HD