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German police arrest 16 people who burned an Israeli flag in front of synagogues

German police arrested 16 people, who demonstrated and burned Israeli flags in front of two synagogues in the German cities of Bonn and Munster.


In a statement published by German Deutsche Welle, the police said that incidents of burning Israeli flags were detected in front of two synagogues in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, on Tuesday evening.


The police announced that they had arrested 13 suspects in the city of Munster yesterday evening, while they arrested three other suspects in the city of Bonn, and according to the statements, several witnesses in Munster informed the police yesterday evening through distress calls that a group of about 15 people were parked in front of The temple shouted loudly and burned an Israeli flag.


The temple itself was not affected by the incident, and the suspects may face criminal reports for violating the assembly law.