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Guardian: Corona injuries and deaths increased among children in Brazil, India and Indonesia

The British Guardian newspaper highlighted the increase in cases and deaths of corona among children in some countries, such as Brazil, India and Indonesia.


The Brazilian doctor specializing in epidemiology, Fatima Marinho, says that the symptoms that appear on children in her country are severe muscle pain, diarrhea, cough and pain in the abdomen to the extent that calls for them to go to hospitals, and according to the statistics obtained by the doctor until April 15, injuries of adult children up to the age of 9 were recorded. Years 67 thousand cases, while the deaths recorded 2,216 cases, including 1,397 cases under the age of one year.


As for Indonesia, the local pediatric association estimates that the number of child deaths in Corona is 160, not 28, as official figures show.


As for India, the second wave affects children more broadly, as the pediatrician specializing in chest diseases in Bangalore Srikanta GT explains, who says that the number of children suffering from corona per day in India has reached 12-15 cases, and the doctor adds that about 5% of children You need to put it on a ventilator, especially for those with type 1 diabetes.


Morinho says that the culture that children do not get Corona must be abandoned and caution should be exercised. On the other hand, Canada and the United States have begun vaccinating children aged 12-15 years.