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How to use dental floss steps correctly?

Using dental floss is a very important daily habit to maintain dental health, but you must use it properly, in order to be able to effectively clean your teeth and gums. In this report, we learn about the steps of using dental floss correctly, according to dentists, according to the American "Insider" website. .

Brushing your teeth twice a day is not sufficient to maintain oral hygiene, so it is necessary to floss also to prevent cavities and gum disease, because using floss helps remove plaque that can accumulate in hard-to-reach places such as between the teeth and below the gum line.

According to a 2017 American Dental Association survey, only 16% of people floss at least once a day, and 8% of respondents said they never flossed.

How to use dental floss the right way


Here's how to use floss properly, according to Perry Kluckofold, director of the Periodontal Disease Program at UCSF:

Remove a piece of floss from the package, which is 45 cm long.

- Wrap the two ends of the floss around your middle finger with both hands, and leave the rest of the floss open in the middle to "clean" between the teeth. This will allow you to process the floss with your index finger and thumb with both hands.

Insert the floss between your teeth.

Wind both sides of the floss around the tooth in the front so that the thread hugs the front of the tooth in a C-shape.

Gently and repeatedly move the floss from side to side, up and down to remove the bacterial layer from the tooth surface and around the gumline.

Repeat steps for all teeth.

It is also important to floss behind the last back teeth. Use the same method, except that the floss will wrap around the last tooth in the back, and not between the teeth.