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Minister of Planning: 18 thousand young people have registered for the "One Million Entrepreneurs" campaign so far

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development, represented by the Rowad 2030 project, issued a report on the latest number of young applicants for the “One Million Entrepreneurs” campaign, a campaign launched by the ministry in cooperation with Banque Misr and the National Bank of Egypt with the aim of qualifying one million entrepreneurs by 2030 within the framework of the sustainable development strategy. Egypt Vision 2030.


Dr. Hala Al-Saeed, Minister of Planning and Economic Development, indicated that the number of young people who have registered for the campaign so far has reached about 18,000 young people of both sexes, with males accounting for 74% and 26% for females.


Al-Saeed stressed that the focus on entrepreneurship within the youth category has become one of the topics that cannot be ignored due to its close connection with the issue of economic growth, noting that the link between education and the economy is close, and that developed countries are keen to integrate entrepreneurship into national educational strategies and initiatives.


For her part, Dr. Ghada Khalil, Director of the Rowad 2030 project, pointed out that until this period, 42,966 training lectures had been given, and the number of trainees who passed the entire first stage reached 11,101.


Khalil added that the trainees in the "One Million Entrepreneur" campaign represent all governorates of the republic, on top of which Cairo Governorate comes with the largest percentage of trainees representing about 28% of the total trainees, followed by Alexandria, Sohag, Sharkia and Kafr El Sheikh.


Regarding the educational and professional background of the trainees, the Ministry of Planning and Economic Development report indicated that the participants so far included 45% of university graduates, 40% students, 13% postgraduate studies, and 2% doctorates, and the report also indicated that 54% of the campaign participants are currently working, and 30% of the unemployed, and 16% of the founders of startups.


The ministry’s report also indicated that the reasons for the trainees ’joining the“ One Million Entrepreneurs ”campaign so far varied between exploring the field of entrepreneurship, representing 60% of the participants, while 24% of them joined the reason for joining that he had an idea and wanted to start a startup, as well That 9% of the trainees joined the reason for joining that he already had a startup and wanted to develop his skills, and 7% of the youth joined the campaign because he had a startup and wanted to overcome some obstacles or know how to obtain financing for his startup.


The report indicated that 73% of the trainees did not receive prior training in entrepreneurship, while 26% had already received pre-training in the field of entrepreneurship, and 1% of the participants in the campaign had incubated his project in a business incubator.


It is noteworthy that the “One Million Entrepreneurs” campaign provides the complete training program through a set of educational videos in the field of entrepreneurship in both Arabic and English on the Internet, provided by a distinguished group of specialized trainers.

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