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Miss Argentina reveals that she has been threatened with burning her face in fire water .. Know the story

Alina Axelrad, who participated in the Miss Universe 2020-2021 contest and wore clothes printed with the image of Maradona, said that she had been subjected to many threats, including burning her face with fire water, as soon as she continued the Miss Universe competition in 2019.

The Argentine queen, who praised Diego Maradona in her usual Miss Universe outfit, recalled what those panic moments were in 2019 when she was threatened to burn her face with acid if she continued to participate in the competition.

Axelrad told the Argentine newspaper "Clarin" that she thought she had been threatened and received a message that read: "This queen's face we will burn you with sour. Look at your daughter's cute face because it will be the last time you see her like this. If you want to continue participating, think about it, because this is this face." Little will not help you anymore.

 "All this indicates a desire to spoil myself in a way to frustrate my career and goals, and always focus on the competition," the young woman said in an interview with El Claren newspaper, Argentine media.

This was the last and strongest threat she received from a series of intimidation that she had lived through for several months, not only her but also her parents and sisters, who forced her to change the house several times, and finally to leave the country.