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Moscow: Russian observers arrive in Syria on the eve of the presidential elections

The Russian Foreign Ministry's envoy for special missions, Vladimir Churov, confirmed that the Russian observers will arrive in Syria on the eve of the presidential elections and will be present when the preliminary results of the vote count are announced.


Churov said in a statement to "Sputnik" news agency today, Tuesday, "Russian observers will go to Syria as soon as possible before the start of the voting process, and they will attend the announcement of the preliminary results."


He added, "The Syrian People's Assembly has invited the two chambers of the Russian Parliament, the Federation Council and the State Duma, and the members of the Russian observer delegation will be appointed by the relevant committees."


It is noteworthy that the Syrian presidential elections will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, while the Syrians voted abroad last Thursday, and three candidates are competing in these elections, they are the current President Bashar al-Assad, Abdullah Sallum Abdullah, a former parliamentarian who belongs to the Socialist Unionist Party, and Mahmoud Mari. Secretary-General of the "Syrian Democratic Front".