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Nabih Berri: Addressing Lebanon's crises requires forming a government of non-partisan specialists

The Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Nabih Berri, warned that the crises in Lebanon have reached a very dangerous stage that requires quick treatment to avoid their repercussions that may topple the entire country, indicating that the main entrance to the rescue is to initiate the immediate formation of a government of non-partisan (experts) specialists and to be free One of the disruptive factors.


In a speech delivered today on the occasion of the "Resistance and Liberation Day", Berri stressed that the exacerbation of the crises would undo all the achievements in Lebanon, pointing out that this matter has already begun, "and in this regard I am neither terrifying nor exaggerating," as he put it.


He pointed out that it is necessary to acknowledge that the current Lebanese government problem is "100 percent purely internal and personal," and that everyone has the ability to sacrifice for Lebanon and not sacrifice it for the sake of personal interests, stressing in this regard the necessity of invoking the constitution in approaching the government file, and listening to The pain and anxiety of the Lebanese about the fate of their homeland.


Berri said, "The obligatory entrance to salvation is for those involved in composition and formation, and after that signing, today and before tomorrow, without preconditions and without delay, to remove the personal obstacles that prevent the formation of a national government whose members are those with non-partisan competence, and without three disrupting it for anyone." .


He added, "Here I repeat and repeat what the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Bechara Al-Rai, said in this regard ... no one is idle within the new government, according to what was stipulated by the French rescue initiative, and that the government's sole action program is to save Lebanon and restore the confidence of its children in it and in its institutions as a homeland of justice and equality." A government that restores the world's confidence in Lebanon and in its turn, especially the confidence of its Arab brothers, all the Arabs.


The Lebanese Parliament Speaker pointed out that some political forces and parties (unnamed) are deliberately mastering crises, and advance their personal interests and interests over the interests of the homeland and citizens, which requires freedom from the "selfish complex of these some."


He added, "It is appropriate for everyone, indeed, that the national, moral, national, constitutional and legal duty and responsibility requires everyone in loyalty and opposition, and in between, to feel the danger of the current and fateful stage that threatens Lebanon and the Lebanese in their existence."


Berri called for the liberation of Lebanon from the "hatred of sectarianism and sectarianism," and the conviction that the real entrance and real future to fortify Lebanon and not expose it from time to time to security and political vibrations, which would be through the civil state and the approval of a law for elections outside the sectarian restriction and the establishment of a council of elders in which the sects are represented in justice.