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The Fish Division expects a high demand for "herring" throughout the holidays

Ahmed Jaafar, head of the fish division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, expected an increase in demand for fish during the three days of Eid Al-Fitr for the year 2021, as well as demand for herring.

The price of farmer 1 tilapia is recorded to range between 20-22 pounds per kilo compared to 21-23 pounds per kilo, and the price of farmer 2 tilapia has decreased to range between 17-19 pounds per kilo compared to 18-20 pounds per kilo, and the price of black tilapia ranges between 17-37 pounds per kilo. And tilapia fillet between 30 - 110 pounds per kilo.

The price of moori fish stabilized at 1, 40-48 pounds per kilo, and the price of mullet “2” to 32-38 pounds per kilo, and pasta with all its varieties from frozen to Swiss ranges from 25-60 pounds per kilo, while the price of one kilo of carbon 1 was recorded between 39-45 pounds. The bourbon scored 2 "29-35" pounds per kilo., And the prices of chilan catfish ranged from 10-20 pounds, and snake fish ranged between 50-210 pounds per kilo, "1" 70-100 per kilo.

The prices of jumbo shrimp were 400 - 450 pounds per kilo, shrimps "1" 300 - 360 pounds per kilo, shrimps "2" 200 - 250 pounds per kilo, frozen shrimps "2" 85 - 165 pounds per kilo, and shrimps "3" 90 - 150 pounds per kilo. .