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The General Union of Workers in Algeria warns of "suspicious" calls for protests and strikes

The Secretary-General of the General Union of Algerian Workers, Salim Labatsheh, warned workers against heeding the anonymous calls calling for protests and strikes, according to "Russia Today".

He told Abatsheh that these calls usually come from "bodies residing abroad claiming to practice union work, and their mission is to create chaos in the country in exchange for concessions provided by foreign bodies," according to what was quoted by Al-Nahar Online newspaper.

He pointed out to Abatsheh that these parties often cause workers to lose their work positions or have their salaries deducted, given that "the strike is illegal and its source is unknown."

He revealed to Abatsheh that he possesses the evidence that these people have been involved in plotting against Algeria under the cover of trade union freedoms, saying that "these are Algerians with a well-known political affiliation who live in Europe, and have residence documents and monthly incomes paid by foreign bodies in exchange for preparing false reports on the reality of trade union work in Algeria."

The Secretary-General of the General Union of Algerian Workers called on the Ministry of Labor to "liquidate the trade union arena from intruders and illegal organizations by requesting each union to file a conformity file that proves the percentage of workers' involvement in it and the extent to which it respects the laws." Strikes. "