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The goal of the season .. Alison from disastrous mistakes to pregnancy on the necks in Liverpool

From extreme to extreme, Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Baker changed the course of things completely in his current season with the Reds, starting with fatal errors that cost his team losing points in several rounds, before he saved the Reds by scoring a deadly goal that led him to victory over West Bromwich Albion ( 2-1) Sunday, in the 37th round of the Premier League, Liverpool's disastrous season.

Alison Baker scored the goal in the deadly time in the last seconds of the game, taking advantage of a corner around it with a header shot in the net to snatch the three game points and revive his team's chances of qualifying for the Champions League competition next season, by occupying fourth place in the table of the English Premier League table two rounds before The end of the life of the Premiership.

And this season, Alison Baker suffered from poor performance with Liverpool, which led to the team's loss to Manchester City and Leicester City in the Premier League, as the Brazilian continued to commit disastrous mistakes, which put his team in trouble more than once.

Alison scored twice in Liverpool's 1-4 loss against Manchester City in the 23rd round of the English Premier League, and the Brazilian goalkeeper contributed to the fall of his team 1-3 against Leicester City in the next round.

Despite the disappointing performance of the Brazilian goalkeeper, but in terms of digital, it does not contradict much with his usual level with Liverpool, since he joined the team in the summer of 2018 from Rome, Italy, for 62.5 million euros, and Alison was one of the most prominent stars of Liverpool over the past two seasons. And he has led the crowning squad with several titles since 2019 until now, led by the English Premier League (2019-2020), which has been long awaited for 30 years.

The 28-year-old Brazilian goalkeeper has participated in all Liverpool matches this season, as he participated in 40 matches in various competitions, with 41 goals scored and kept clean nets in 13 matches, and in the English league he participated in 31 matches, conceded 30 goals and kept his nets in 8 confrontations.

Allison's head contributed to saving Liverpool's neck from a disastrous zero season after losing all the tournaments he participated in after he moved away from competing in the English Premier League and defending his Premier League title, as well as his exclusion from the European Champions League and exclusion from the FA Cup and League Cup.

However, Allison's goal revived Liverpool's hopes of reaching the golden box, as Liverpool raised its tally after this victory to 63 points in fifth place in the league table, to preserve its hopes of reaching the Champions League next season.

There were many scenarios for Liverpool’s fourth place goal after Alison’s historic goal, as Brazilian goalkeeper Alison Becker renewed the chances of his professional team within his international ranks, Egyptian Mohamed Salah, to qualify for the Champions League next season, by occupying fourth place in the English football league table before Two rounds at the end of the life of the Premiership.

In the last two rounds, Liverpool will face Burnley in the 37th round on Wednesday, May 19 at 9:15 pm, and will conclude their confrontations with Crystal Palace on Sunday, May 23 at 5 pm.

While fourth-placed Chelsea will face Leicester City, who is ranked tomorrow, at 9:15 pm, which means that the result will be in the interest of the Reds if the Blues falter, and Chelsea will conclude the season with Aston Villa on Sunday 23 May at 5 pm.

While third-placed Leicester City faces two very difficult matches, as he will play with Chelsea tomorrow, to conclude his confrontations this season against Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday 23 May at exactly 5 pm.

In the event that Chelsea tie or lose in any confrontation with the victory of Liverpool, the Reds will occupy fourth place directly, and in the event of Leicester City losing in the two rounds against Chelsea tomorrow or Tottenham on Sunday, Liverpool will occupy fourth place if it wins in the two confrontations or a tie in one of them.

In any case, Chelsea or Leicester City must falter in one of the two rounds, either through their confrontation tomorrow or in the final round, where the Blues will play with Aston Villa while Leicester faces Tottenham Hotspur.